Event: What happens after September? (23 June, NYC)

When: Tuesday 23 June 2015, 18:15-20:00
Where: The Church Center for the United Nations, Floor 10, 777 First Avenue at 44th Street, New York
Organisers: An informal working group of civil society organisations from across all regions, involved in current civil society initiatives and platforms active in the post-2015 process.

Please join us for an interactive discussion on how we can continue to work together as global civil society across different constituencies on the mobilisation, advocacy and awareness raising of the post-2015 agenda after September 2015.

Over the past few months, many of us have been engaged in conversations about how we as civil society can build on the collaboration and momentum that have been created around the post-2015 agenda. We have been discussing the creation of a new platform for civil society to work together on mobilisation, advocacy and monitoring of the new Agenda after September 2015. This meeting is one in a series of meetings and aims to bring members of civil society together to take these conversations forward.


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